GoodSleep Comforts Private Limited is the only mattress in India which has “Sanitized” treatment at the stage of manufacturing itself, thanks to our licensor Sanitized AG of Switzerland. Goodsleep thus becomes the only mattress which protects the users from bacteria, fungus, moulds, mildew and other microbes thus providing a healthy, wholesome sleep.

Goodsleep was established in the year 1996. It manufacturers and markets flexible P.U. Foam Mattresses / Pillows / Cushions / Bolsters / Quilts etc.

Goodsleep’s testing labs with equipment, as per IS 7888, test the tensile strength of the foam, indentation hardness, shear fatigues, compression strength, flammability, heat-ageing, resilience and thickness. Foam used in Goodsleep is the only ISO 9002 certified P.U. Foam company in India besides ISI certified. All these ensure that every product that comes out of our factories is fully tested for its quality and Goodsleep is in a position to make available high quality mattresses, pillows and cushions at very affordable prices with the added advantage of being SANITIZED.

Mattress market is currently seeing an explosive growth and P.U. industry was handicapped by high import and excise levies which thankfully is no more the case. The generic superiority of P.U. Foam as a sleep product is manifestly clear (vis-à-vis rubberized coir or latex) in its qualities of washability, reversibility, sag-free, durability, high tear-strength and being odour-free. This makes Goodsleep the favourite of hospitality and hospital industries besides being the favourite of Indian housewives. Further, the manufacturer’s confidence in quality is evident from the fact that Goodsleep comes to you with a 7 year warranty.

As you are perhaps aware, most of the world sleeps and sits (relaxes) either on foam mattresses or spring mattresses which have 40% foam content. India will also see the same trend in the coming years, which will be P.U. Foam’s moment in the sun for future years also.

Goodsleep has their own company showrooms at Chennai & Bangalore besides distributors and dealers for the southern regional states.