Are you Sleeping on a hot bed of bacteria? Hygiene while you rest!!!.Changing sheets over your mattress does not guarantee healthy environment. Your mattress itself may house harmful bacteria and fungus. Though invisible to the naked eye, the damage caused by these micro-organisms is fully evident. Discolouration of material and unpleasant odour are some of the unhealthy effects they cause. They even weaken the insides of your mattress and cause it to sag and lose its cushioning effect before its time. Unless of course you use GoodSleep.

Anti-microbial Treatment GoodSleep mattresses, pillows and cushions contribute to a clean and healthy home environment. Subjected to internationally acclaimed treatment call Sanitized, GoodSleep mattress are made bacteria and fungus free. They are subjected to quality assurance tests after which the manufacturer is given a certificate of Quality assuring positive results. This treatment helps the mattress last for a long time, supported by confident warranty for up to 7 years!


GoodSleep has a range of orthopedic mattresses and contour pillows made of flexible PU foam that are scientifically designed to suit the contours of the human body. For convalescing or leading a healthy life style these are therefore ideal for relaxing the back bone and spinal chord; the neck and the shoulder muscle; thus providing complete body support, enabling a deep restful night's sleep, to awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

Construction : High density rebonded PU foam core (with optional comfort layers) finished with fabric or rexine cover of choice).

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