Look closely into your mattress and you'll realize it's not just you curling up in bed. Surprising as it seems, you could be sharing your bed with microbes by the million. Which is why it makes perfect sense to switch to Goodsleep. 

Designed to ensure you spend your nights in total comfort, Goodsleep is India's only mattress to be treated with Sanitized-AG Technology from Switzerland, that terminates microbial action. Lightweight, washable and non-toxic, Goodsleep is treated for fire retardant properties that give it extra safety.


Goodsleep offers quality and cost conscious customers like you, a variety of comfort products like mattresses, cushions, pillows and bolsters made of SanitizedTM  flexible polyurethane foam, the preferred cushioning material the world over. PU foam has an amazing edge over traditional materials like coir and latex rubber with its unmatchable durability and consistency in density, resilence, uniform back and body support while you rest.

Construction : Flexible Polyurethane Foam (Flexi - Puf) core with protective cloth sidewall finish, and cotton / poly-cotton tapestry of choice. (Optional)

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