Any Weather

Sweltering summer or cool winter, GoodSleep is kind to your skin.  The air circulating through its pores keeps it breathing easily. So, whatever the weather you can enjoy undisturbed refreshing sleep.

Goodsleep gives you the convenience of washing away stains. It does not react with water and it dries easily. So have your coffee in bed if you like (Take care of your bedspreads though!)
Easy to Handle
Its light! Carry it. Fold it. Store it. Oh what a relief to have a mattress you can handle easily. Fold it and put it away when you're cleaning. Or just flip it to use the other side (GoodSleep is reversible).
Isn't it surprising that a mattress with so many benefits and conveniences should be so cost effective? Well, that's the beauty of GoodSleep. Save money while you protect your health with GoodSleep. A totally clean-for-life mattress with up to 25 year warranty is what you get when you choose GoodSleep. Choose GoodSleep, Because its a worthwhile investment in health.